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CNC Grinding of Splined Shaft for the Food/Farming Industry

Groundim XI Precision Grinding fabricated this featured splined shaft for a client in the food and farming industry. To get the process started, we began with a customer-supplied print and a 2D CAD drawing, making sure we adhered to all specifications. Working with 8620 steel (bearing quality) and using an aluminum oxide abrasive cutting wheel, we applied CNC outside diameter grinding to grind the bearing journals and taper, and to grind the shaft to meet linear dimension requirements as specified by the client. We held tolerances down to +/- .0005 of an inch and .5 of a degree, with a circular runout of .001 of an inch. We also achieved a Rockwell Rc Hardness of 80-83 and a 16 RMS surface finish.

When the splined shaft with taper order was complete, each shaft measured 1.22 inches in outside diameter and 7.450 inches long, with a .020 of an inch by 30 degrees chamfer. Ensuring all of our client's standards and requirements were met, we successfully manufactured 45 splined shafts and delivered the order to our client within 1 week.

To learn more about this project and others, please contact Groundim XI.

Splined Shaft

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Product Description   This Splined Shaft is used within a FarmingApplication
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
CNC OD Grinding
  • Grind bearing Journals
  • Grind Called out Linear Dimension
  • Grind Taper (1.500" Taper Per Foot)
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cutting Wheel
Overall Part Dimensions  
O.D.: 1.22"
Length: 7.450"
.020" x 30° Chamfer
Tightest Tolerances  
Circular Runout of .001"
Material Used   8620 Steel (Bearing Quality)
Max Material Finish   16 RMS
Hardness   Rockwell-Rc 60-65
Industry for Use  
Food Farming
Volume   45
Delivery Time   1 Week
Delivery Location   West Coast, United States
Standards Met   Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name   Splined Shaft w/ Taper

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